trendic® hub offers many functions for the management of your measuring equipment

The online platform, trendic® hub, has been developed to assist you in the daily management of your measuring equipment – making the process as simple as possible. This simplicity begins with the fact that you don't have to install any software. You can operate trendic® hub completely online. 

Automatic due-date information

You want to be informed about due measuring instruments on time or you want to inform others? With the new application trendic® hub takes care of this automatically! Just configurate quite simply 

- due-date informationen (PDF/Excel)

- reminder mails

- escalation mails

According to the rules you set, information is automatically sent to one or more persons. Configurate your individual and audit-proof monitoring management at the click of your mouse. You save time and gain confidence by means of preset automatism.

Get audit-proof access to all calibration certificates

With trendic® hub, we have made the supply of your data as fast and simple as possible. We attach great importance to audit security and meet all requirements of the relevant standards.

  • access to all calibration certificates of Perschmann Calibration (supply is done automatically)
  • access to calibration certificates of third parties you are uploading
  • call-up of the calibration certificates per identity number or per scan of the ID-code
  • access to all previous calibration data of a measuring instrument – not only the latest

Manage your measuring equipment quickly and easily

If you have a large number of measuring devices on your premises, a thorough overview is particularly important. When using trendic® hub, you can manage your measuring equipment professionally and comfortably.

  • classification of administrative data with regard to measuring equipment (inspection cycle, cost centre, storage location, employees, status, etc.) simply with a mouse-click
  • creation of summaries based on administrative data
  • synchronous use of administrative data, in factory and laboratory, prevents calibration errors
  • configurable user interface allows individual adaptation

Display measurement gauges at the push of a button

The complete and professional management of your measuring equipment with trendic® hub supports you perfectly in everyday operations. Also, during an audit, the online platform is your ideal aid in quickly identifying the correct measuring equipment.

  • summary of measuring gauges with only few clicks
  • selection of measuring gauges according to various criteria – for example, according to desired date, cost centre, or storage location

Create delivery bills completely automatically

For shipment of the measuring equipment to the calibration lab, you need a complete delivery bill. Thanks to the data existing on trendic® hub, you receive your delivery bill with very little effort – and our calibration lab is already prepared for the incoming measuring equipment.

  • creation of a delivery bill based on the due date list
  • classification of individual measuring devices by entering or scanning of the ID
  • simple handling leads to significant time-saving
  • adding measuring equipment not yet included in the database
  • possibility for simple and clear assignment
  • creation of a delivery bill also for dispatch to other labs
  • dispatched measuring equipment is automatically marked in the database

Save your calibration results for other applications

Your calibration results are also important for other applications like your ERP. Therefore, you can download your calibration data at any time or export them into other formats.

  • easy download of your calibration results
    • for trendic®3.0 and trendic®3.5
    • as a PDF-file
    • as a CSV-file
    • for VDI-2623-interfaces
  • download is also free of charge using the free-version (except for VDI-2623-interface)
  • downloading the list of the calibration results makes you capable of acting fast: faulty measuring equipment can be selected immediately (not for tda-file)

Use the flexible licensing model for your needs

The licensing model of trendic® hub adapts exactly to your needs. From the free-of-charge Free-Version to the Professional-Audit-Version, it always fulfils exactly the scope of tasks you desire. You can even add individual functions according to your needs.

  • free-version with many practical functions
  • Inexpensive package for audit-proof management of measuring equipment (Professional Audit)
  • functions can be added individually to the free-version – you only pay for what you need

See how trendic® hub works

Secure your personal, free access quickly. This is the best way to experience the many new, practical functions and advantages. Test for yourself how easy and intuitive the operation is. If you are already a customer, the free version gives you direct access to your data in our calibration laboratory.

This way to your free-version