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Request your quotation for the professional audit package of trendic® hub (basic price: € 65,-/month).

The professional audit package upgrades the capacity of the free version with additional functions:
Archive calibration certificates for 10 years
Calibration certificates issued by Perschmann Calibration are archived, audit-proof, for 10 years and can be retrieved any time.
Use extended master data
Create additional management data for measurining instruments in a simple way and filter them, e.g. cost centres, storage locations, departments, etc.
Manage own documents
You can archive 200 calibration certificates and documents of other service providers per year and manage them easily (requirement: PDF-files, max. 2 MB per file). This module can be extended.
Install additional user
Installation of an additional user. Allocation of all rights or restriction of rights possible.

Here you can extend the scope of services of your package:

Additional user (Extra charge € 5,-/month)
Indicate here how many additional users are required. Four users are already included in the professional audit package.
Manage additional documents (Extra charge € 15,-/month)
Upgrade the capacity of documents to more than the 200 already included in the package, e.g for calibration certificates of other service providers. Each 200 additional documents € 15,-/month.

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